A dental bridge is a viable alternative to replacing missing teeth that involves having an artificial tooth supported by surrounding natural teeth. Usually a dental bridge consists of two crowns on either side with one or more false teeth in the middle.

Traditional Bridges, Cantilever Dental Bridges and Maryland Bridges are the common types of bridges used in the industry. A traditional bridge involves having crowns on each tooth, adjacent (or either side) to the missing teeth. A cantilever bridge involves supporting the false teeth using just the one adjacent crowned tooth.

The process of making a Bridge involves taking an impression/mould from your dentist, which is then sent to a dental technician. A temporary bridge is also then cemented in place. The dental technician then hand crafts the permanent dental bridge in the lab, usually using porcelain and/or metal core.The bridge is then placed into your mouth by the dentist and adjustments are made if needed, to ensure a proper fit..