A Crown is a “tooth shaped” cap that is put over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength and appearance. A crown treatment describes a dental procedure where the whole of the tooth except the root is restored. If performed well, Crowns last for much longer than a normal filling and are the strongest possible solution for damaged teeth. Crowns can be made to look and feel like natural teeth and recommended when there is considerable structural damage to a tooth.Crowns are also recommended when the damage to tooth is so extensive that other treatments options are not viable/adequate. The common reason for extensive damage of teeth is usually due to either decay, trauma, cracks or wear and tear.

Full Metal Crowns

Full Metal Crowns are usually used on teeth where utmost strength is required. They can be made from different materials, but the norm is to usually use either cast gold alloy or milled titanium.

After Gold Crowns

Non-Metal Crowns

Non-Metal Crowns have a vastly superior appearance to conventional crowns. People for use on their front teeth commonly prefer these crowns since the look and feel of their crowns are similar to natural teeth. Research has also indicated Non-metal crowns to be more biocompatible than metal crowns.

After Porcelain Crowns