Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a commonly used dental procedure that is undertaken when the pulp (that provides blood or nerve supply to the tooth) becomes infected through decay or injury. Sometimes this infection can cause an abscess. The procedure involves removal of this pulp followed by cleaning the inside of the tooth and sealing it with a filling. Root canal treatment prevents pain and infection in decayed or traumatised teeth, while keeping the tooth functioning in the mouth.

A root canal treatment usually consists of the following steps:

  • The canals of the tooth are located and negotiated to the root of the tooth
  • The canals are cleaned and shaped
  • A filling is placed inside the root of the tooth

The procedure on average may take approx. two to four visits for completion. The procedure is usually totally painless, as the affected area will be numbed completely. However, some patients can experience discomfort during initial stages of this treatment, if the nerve tissue is inflamed. In such instances, you will be treated with antibiotics and analgesics.

Upon completion of this procedure, the tooth is often left weak and prone to breaking. Depending on the amount of tooth structure left, a crown is recommended by the dentist to prevent any future tooth loss.